How are the Pleiadians? đŸŒŸ

The Pleiades is in the 7th dimension and 7th density, and Pleiadians can experience 12th dimension and higher. Pleiadians can adapt to any dimension they travel to.

When we choose to mix with another race we take our vibration down to be able to blend with another. We still have access to the Higher Vibration as well as communication with all at Home. We hold that place in Consciousness while allowing life in the human or other race to be assisted. This is why we comes.

Singing and dancing are high on our list. Everyone sings and dances. It brings great Joy and it is something we have tried to bring to other planets. Many of your cultures on earth are inspired by our colorful music and singing.

Pleiadians are telepathic with each other and all beings, and speak Light Language among family and friends.

Pleiadians choose to incarnate completely as humans for the experience of soul growth and to assist in raising the vibration of the planet towards a Galactic Federation-planned ascension. They experiences all of the pain and tragedy that all humans do. They chose to forget who they are.

Soon We Will Unite Once More And All Of You Will Return To Experience The Joy You Had As Children In Timelessness.